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120h total hours. Intermediate


NDA Exams are held two times a year through offline mode (written test). The exam consists of 2 sections- Mathematics and General Ability Test. The total duration of NDA 2021 is 5 hours combined for both sections.Those who clear the written exam will proceed to the NDA SSB Interview Process. UPSC sets the cutoff score to prepare the merit list of candidates who are called for the five-day selection process.
• All the questions in the exam will be objective i.e., Multiple Choice Questions will be asked.
• The medium of the exam will be bilingual with a total of 900 marks.
• Out of 270 questions, 120 questions are from Mathematics and 150 questions from the General Ability section.
• There is a provision of negative marking as per the marks allotted to questions asked.
• The syllabus covered under NDA 2021 is of CBSE 10+2 standards.

What is NDA?


NDA (National Defence Academy) exam is conducted by UPSC twice every yearly. It is one of the toughest exams in India and one of the most popular among youngsters also. The candidates who clear this hard exam got the chance to join NDA which is situated in Khadakwasla in Pune, Maharastra. NDA is a joint training service academy of armed forces of India where all three forces army, navy, and air force got their candidates, who thereafter join respective their fields as a higher rank officer.

Fun Fact:


1.NDA, The world’s look at it as a one of the best place that creates ‘Men of Honour’, and institution that has led the highest standard of Quality. NDA is a unique academy which creates leader.
2.Before its inception as NDA on 16th January, 1955, it first started its operation on 1st January 1949 as Joint Services Wing (JSW) at the Indian Military Academy (then known as Armed Forces Academy) in Dehradun. This shifting is well known as ‘Operation Badli’.
3.The Sudan Block today is an iconic symbol of this Tri-Services Academy. The naming of Sudan Block was due to fund donated by Sudan to establish NDA and its infrastructure. It was given in recognition of the sacrifices of Indian troops in the defence of Sudan during WWII.



NDA is the best career option for those who want to serve their life to the nation. NDA is a challenging career with lots of duties and responsibilities. Every year more than 4 lakh plus students apply for just 480 seats, so you can understand and feel the level and craze in between students do they have for NDA. NDA gives you the surety of high salary, high pension, job security, respect and many more other benefits also.
Course level: Intermediate
Duration: 36 hours

Let’s look at the highlights of this course:

• Prepares you step by step to ace the language.
• Individual course work to ensure sustainable knowledge of the language.
• Weekly Assignments to check your progress
• Best in class Sanskrit lessons online for Intermediate levels.


Who can apply for the course?

• NDA Aspirants studying in class 10th, 11th and 12th.
• Students who have completed class 12th.
• Aspirants preparing for NDA 2 2022.
• Aspirants preparing for NDA 1 2023 and NDA 2 2023.
• How to prepare for NDA?
• Make time table for all subjects
• Do regular studies
• Do written practice as much as you can
• Make notes of important topics
• Clear your basic concepts and doughts
• Keep maintain your body fit
• Do yoga and exercise for mind peace


Comparison with English Language:


GrammarModerate Easy
WritingModerate Easy
Overall DifficultyModerate Easy

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NDA Classes
  • Course level: Intermediate
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