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About ChalkBoards


ChalkBoard Academy is a young & Vibrant knowledge management EdTech startup working at creating an impactful disruption in the field of education. Being one of the ambitious startups born out of the pandemic in 2020, ChalkBoard Academy now has students from all over the country, learning different subjects. We believe “There is no limit to what you can learn next! We promise to take you on a joyful ride from Synchronous to Asynchronous learning based on the “Heuristic approach”.

Self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking and independent judgment are some of the qualities that need to be inculcated in an individual for successful learning. ChalkBoard Academy provides a holistic e-learning solution that enhances knowledge, transforms talent, and increases productivity and performance. It offers unique courses to supplement your child’s journey from kindergarten through high school education as part of a home-school curriculum. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, technology, product expertise, and service capability, our subject matter experts and curriculum designers continue to evolve with new generation learning solutions. Great User Experience, Interactive Content, Independent Study Courses for personalized learning makes Chalkboard Academy your one-stop solution to home-schooling!

ChalkBoard Courses are backed by Innovative content across various Learning methodologies & and an Evolving knowledge center. The Courses are delivered maintaining very high level of Quality in an Open learning environment by a team of highly competent Educators & Content Managers in line with the National Education Policy of India & other Global standards of virtual training. Chalkboard offers a dynamic & collaborative work environment to encourage innovative thinking and honing one’s skills

The organization follows an objective method of assessment of performance with key deliverables assigned specific weightages and a score card of performance

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Born out of the pandemic, Chalkboard Academy has been successful in creating an impactful disruption in the field of education with their exceptional courses related to academics and life skills. Chalkboard provides a holistic e-learning experience that helps transform and enhance productivity. We offer unique courses to support your child’s academic learning right from the kindergarten age. Backed innovation and creativity, Chalkboard courses maintain a high quality of an open learning environment.

What makes us different:

With personalized attention given in all our batches and courses, chalkboard leaves no stone unturned in delivering high quality courses. Our subject matter experts and curriculum designers have built a curriculum that has a wide scope to evolve with new generation learning solutions. With a great user experience, interactive content, independent study courses for personalized learning, Chalkboard Academy is your one-stop solution to home-schooling!

Why Choose us:

Chalkboard not only believes in a student centric teaching and learning experience, but also innovative and creative. Our Native Language experts pay great attention to the student’s language learning journey. Not only do they teach the aesthetics of the language, but they are also sensitive towards the culture of the language. Each class has been designed for scope for innovation. Our Innovative learning program helps create an atmosphere where students have equal opportunities to learn about new things regularly, question them and think of new ideas and creative innovative solutions on their own.

Our key pillars

1.Native Language Speaking teachers Our native language teachers, speak more correctly and intuitively well. Our teachers are sociolinguistic and competent, which means they know how to speak appropriately in different contexts, due to their knowledge of the speech community’s cultural background and communication rules and strategies. They are trained not only with the appropriate techniques for teaching but also delivery of their lessons are closely monitored. With the latest classroom technology at Chalkboard Academy, you will be exposed to having new and exciting learning tools to learn the Foreign Languages. Our Native Language teachers teach and deliver classes effectively and creatively.

2. Free trial Demo classes As a language learner, you can consider taking a dedicated language class, or if you’re more advanced, taking a course in your target language. In today’s day and time, when the world has gone online, finding a trust worthy academy can be challenging. At Chalkboard, we invite you to register for our Free Demo Class for our Academic and Life Skills Courses. We have one of the most user-friendly interface for our online classes, which makes it easily accessible for our students and prospective students to experience the innovation and magic created in class.

3. National and International Curriculum The world’s most widely taught English medium curriculum is modelled on the English National Curriculum and now international curriculum and taught at schools nationwide, it does get competitive for students to get an absolute holistic understanding of the subject of their interest. At Chalkboard, we offer classes that focus on the core subjects in the National and International Curriculum (CBSE, ICSE and IB), which helps our students to cover the knowledge, skills and understanding the concept and content in their core subjects. Our syllabus is aligned with the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework and the National Council for Education Research and Training.

4. Academic and Life skills Our Academic and Life Skills programs are curated in a manner that provides students with a platform to focus on their significant cognitive and adaptive needs. The teaching and learning that takes place in our programs provide students with an opportunity to function with purposeful skills that will support their success. There is an equal focus on both academics and life skills. Reading, Writing, Math and skills such as navigating the building safely, following routines are all inculcated in the program as a part of or curriculum. Academic excellence and development of essential life skills is important for our students to succeed and that is what We at Chalkboard strive to achieve for with out students.

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